Domestic and Commercial

Sewage Treatment Systems

HydroClear Systems

Producing an excellent pollutant removal level of 97%, wastewater from bathrooms, toilets laundry and kitchens feeds directly into the HydroClear treatment plant.  From here it travels through 3 treatment chambers, finally being discharged through either a soakaway or directly into a stream.

Easy to both install and maintain with low operating costs, and only needs desludged every 6-12 months, depending on occupancy. HydroClear Systems are suitable for up to 50 resident systems.

Ensign Treatment Systems

Ranging in size from 4 to 50 PE in Ultra, Standard and Shallow versions of each, and with a wide range of ancillaries, almost all site, consent and budget requirements can be met by units from the range.

The Ensign:Standard is a robust unit with no internal moving parts meaning simple installation and commissioning and minimal long-term maintenance and cleaning.

Treatment plants differ from Septic tanks in that the effluent can (with approprite permission) be discharged directly into water courses. This eliminates the need for expensive and troublesome land herringbone systems.

We use various suppliers for our waste water and sewage treatment plants to accurately supply the correct product for your particular situation.

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